Ways To Fix A Xbox 360 Hardware Error – Tips On Handling Various Xbox Games Console Faults

One can find a variety of console repair kits on how to fix a Xbox 360. You can avail of any of these kits depending on the kind of hardware error you are attempting to solve. But if you are one of those individuals who like working on their game consoles their own way, then a number of the discussions below might help you out.

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Common Xbox 360 console errors

Some of the more common errors that appear in an Xbox 360 console are the three red lights, the 2 red lights and error e74. Each of these problems has particular causes that may be resolved using a number of ways.

1) 3 red lights – This is also called the red ring of death of RRoD. It will probably either be caused by power supply problems or by hardware-related troubles. The very first thing you should do is to test the main power supply cables of the console and ensure that everything is properly plugged in and that the cords are not damaged in any way.

It can also be caused by overheating. Switch off the console and wait half-hour before turning it on again to permit the device to cool off. Using an external fan to add more ventilation could also work.

2) 2 red lights – This fault, at least, has a very definite cause – overheating. Unlike other kinds of Xbox 360 errors, the two flashing red lights on the left side of the power button ring only has one and one reason only; and that is overheating.

It is possible to solve this problem by putting your console in a place where there is enough ventilation. Steer clear of putting it against a wall or surrounding it with solid objects which may block air. You can also use a small fan to add air. Do not put your Xbox near sources of heat like other electrical appliances.

For a long-lasting resolution, replace the compound applied to the CPU and GPU chips. To do this, you need to open the device and clean the chips and then put on an even coating of the thermal compound.

3) Error e74 – This is usually represented by 1 red light on the power button. The most common cause is damaged chip or incorrect placement of the GPU chip. It may be solved by swapping out the X-shaped clamps or by cleaning the GPU and CPU chips and re-applying thermal protective coating.

These outlined measures can help you on how to fix a Xbox 360.

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