The Importance of Squeezing a Page

Online marketers find the concept of squeeze page very important. This is a page set up to collect all personal information of those who visit your website. If you are one of them then you would probably know the importance of good squeeze page for your business. Having this will get you the email address and other details of the person visiting your site. You would need this information for keeping with probable customers. Having a squeeze page has its own importance.
What is the secret behind a good squeeze page? It must contain a catchy header to attract customers. A good and catchy header means the person visiting the page will definitely go through the contents of the site. A good header must convey the product features efficiently. Getting people’s attention is good marketing tactics. Once you have their attention it’s not difficult to keep them reading through your products and reviews. Having an opt-in form is also necessary for the squeeze page.
Based on your requirement you can have one or two opt-in forms. Make a point to have short and complete opt-in forms. As the person visiting it does not have complete time to fill out lengthy forms. Have some offers to get your form filled. Give some freebies to fill out the forms or some promotional offers. This works great most of the times. Some people may go for any special offer available. Have this in mind as this good way to ensure lot of potential customers to your mailing list.
Be simple. Avoid flashy and complicated page design for your flash page. Mostly internet users will be impressed by more professional looking and simple squeeze pages. So avoid flashy pages as this might become a nuisance to the visitor and they might switch to some other site. Having videos on your squeeze page is an added advantage but make sure that they are easy and fast to download. Having faster download speed is a must as it should not take too much time for the customer. If the download is slow this will cause a kind of irritation for the user. There are many ways to improve your squeeze page and be careful as to not cause any inconvenience to the user. Good results for your business can be obtained with a good squeeze page.

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