The Affordable Weekly Options Trading

In the past, trader should put their money on the exchange market for a long-term transaction. Therefore, no wonder if trading was dominated by people or company with high capital. Forex trading is now more reachable than before. Nowadays, we can use an online meta trader, so we can get access to the market directly. It even becomes reachable because we can use short-term trading. The short-term trading is usually lasted for a week. This method was introduced for the first time by Chicago Board Options Exchange or CBOE in 2005. With the short-term trading, we don’t have to use huge capital or wait for so long to take our profit.

If in the conventional long-term trading we should stick with the contract period, then with weekly options trading, the contract is started on Thursday and up in the following Friday. The major reason why many traders choose this short-term trading is the affordable capital. We are not talking about months trading, so the money needed for this short-term trading will be so much lower than the regular trading. However, we have to be so accurate on making a decision because with the small amount of money on fluctuating market, we have a big risk to loss a lot. Therefore, many people say weekly options trading are similar with gambling.

Since the trading is done weekly, then it will be so simple. We just need to put our money, make an analysis, set a decision and take profit. We don’t have to risk our profit for the next transaction either. If we feel that the market situation is too risky, then we don’t have to put our money there, that simple. To learn about weekly options expiration, just go to On the website, we will be served with a lot of info and guide on weekly trading.

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