Peak Performing In Beta.

Utilizing beta sessions can add to the quality of your day. You can increase your performance, your productivity, your ability to stay on task and fulfill your responsibilities. Beta light and sound sessions are energizing. They help you get going. Chemical stimulants cannot compare. Chemical stimulants have been known to produce negative side effects (i.e. physical shakiness and grumpy attitude as the effects subside). Beta/energize sessions have no negative side effects.

What about those days when your energy level is at low tide? Oftentimes pounding down the coffee doesn’t work. You realize you are still at low tide, only shaky and very talkative. Your underarm deodorant no longer is effective. Your body is ready for action but your mind isn’t. Try a beta session for energy. Both your mind and body will be at “high tide”. We have utilized these sessions in many situations and have found them very effective for increased alertness and mental clarity. Going out to shoot some hoops or play a round of golf? Try a beta session first. The effects of the frequencies generated do not end when the session is over. They stay with you for a while. Take advantage of them.

Do you have a hard time waking up from sleep? Ever stay out too late and feel very regretful in the morning? Have you ever pulled an all-nighter cramming for an exam? These sessions are the perfect solution for those situations.

Beta light and sound/sound only sessions generate energizing frequencies that gradually increase and decrease through the beta and gamma brainwave states. Athletes and weekend warriors play these sessions before competition. They are for “psyching up” and getting motivated. Public speakers have beta sessions running while delivering presentations to keep their audiences alert and focused on what is being said. Cross-country truckers listen while they are moving their cargo across great distances to keep them mentally alert, negating the need for chemical substances. They are also used for enhancing the effects of fast-paced music. Beta sessions even help in getting the cob-webs out of your mind, allowing for clearer concentration.

Beta is the brainwave state (13-34Hz) that we associate with thinking, communicating and having an awareness of our surroundings. In our normal waking state, we are usually in low beta. There are many reasons for having light and sound beta sessions. Here are just a few:

-Use in the morning instead of coffee.

-Use for motivation, to “psyche-up”.

-For an afternoon energy booster. -For depression.

-To prepare for exercise.

-To rid your mind of mental fuzz.

-Increasing mental alertness. -Increasing accuracy of judgement.

-Enhancing the effects of fast-paced music. -14Hz/regulatory effects for your body. -As an adjunct to biofeedback and neurofeedback training and therapy.

The highest frequency patterns (35Hz and up) are known as gamma brain waves. These are the brain waves that have been associated with states of peak performance. Check the Program Listing in the owners manual of your light and sound unit. Many sessions combine gamma frequencies into their design. Besides energize sessions, you will find them in creativity and visualization sessions, fun and entertainment sessions, even specialized sessions designed for overcoming depression, PMS and the occasional bouts of the “blues”.

If you can locate an IQ-9110 by InnerQuest, there is a “Carnival Ride” session that is well-worth experiencing. The iLightz Pro unit has two very entertaining sessions that incorporate gamma frequencies. ©Michael Landgraf, Granada Hills, CA / 2010

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