How to Set Up WordPress Blog Online in Easy Steps

As you hopefully know, in order to do business and make decent money online, you need to have a website to present your products and services to the world. Your website is what represents your business store and office on the word-wide-web. Truly, there are few ways to make money online without a website, but the truth is it becomes harder and there’s always a limit.

Interestingly, gone are the days where people without website design knowledge had to pay through their nose to hire designers and programmers. A million thanks to blogging platforms like wordpress and others that allow you to create something called blog that looks exactly like a website in minutes.

Among other blogging platforms, wordpress, because of its’s flexibilities and facilities is the most popularly used among webmasters. With wordpress blog, you can set-up your own website with just some clicks of buttons without an iota of website coding knowledge. And good enough, there are lots of plugins out there that enables wordpress blogs to perform extra functions; thus, making it easier to operate.

However, I recently realized that setting up a wordpress blog is a bit of problem to some beginners who wish to make money online. The problem could range from installing wordpress on a hosted domain, to making it look professional with beautiful design. Because of this, I wrote this post to address everything in steps with links to the best services I use on my own blog. I also include links to download essential blogging plugins that will simplify your work.

To set up a wordpress blog that looks and works exactly like a website, you need to have your own choice domain registered, and have a good hosting account. In case you don’t have them ready, I will walk you through everything here.

Step One: Registering Your Blog Domain Name

In case you don’t know what domain name is, it’s the website address you normally type in your address bar to access a websites. E.g.

Note: It is very important to choose a good domain name that has to do with your intended business. For example, if your topic of interest is “parenting”, something like,, or would all be fine. You could also use a benefit to form your domain. E.g,

Don’t let your domain be too long and boring
Don’t use .za,, and the likes, .com and .net domains are better especially if you are using it for online business.
Avoid the use of dash (-) in-between your domain
A meaningful and easy to pronounce domain is always better.

I also advice that you try as much as possible to include your business main topic or an important keyword(s) in your domain and let it be maximum of three words. Notice my examples above.

Got your domain ready?

Now let’s get it registered before someone else uses it.

Note that domain names are subject to availability before they can be accepted for registration, if your chosen domain has been registered by someone else before, you will need to choose another one that is available for registration.

Now, a very big advice I will give you here is that you should use a reliable domain registrar where you will not have any problem with your domain name. How will you feel typing your domain name in the address bar one day, and all you find is a website that’s different from your own or just some pieces of jargons?

For this reason, I would recommend Godaddy. They are arguably the largest and the most trusted domain registrar in the world.

Step two: Hosting your Domain

Another necessary part of setting up a wordpress blog is hosting your domain with a reliable hosting company. If you use just any hosting company, you may be killing your business before hand.

I guessed it will be uninteresting for you to see your website going on and off the internet at short intervals. I don’t pray you experience this anyway, and that is why I would recommend a very reliable hosting company as well which is hostgator.

The larger percentage of online entrepreneurs use hostgator hosting service and they always say good things about their services.

Going by my own judgment and positive comments from others who have used their hosting service, they have up to 99.9% up time and their customer service is wow! In my experience with them, they have helped me to fix problems on my website that has nothing to do with hosting. Just because I am using their service, they went extra mile in helping me. Can you imagine that?

Another interesting stuff about hostgator is that you can host unlimited domains in a single account if you use their baby plan or above which is less than $100 for one year.

Important note: You will be using a particular tool in your hosting account called “fantastico” to install your blog, and it only comes with cpanel hosting like hostgator.

Step Three: Connecting your Domain and Host together

Once you have your domain name registered and your hosting account ready, you will need to link them together so that you can install your wordpress blog and start whatever business you want to use it for. This is very simple to do…

Simply login to your Godaddy account and click Domains > My Domains and then click on your newly registered domain. Now look for the nameserver icon or link and click on it. Hostgator must have email your hosting account details to you containing your two nameservers. Something like:, and

Simply change the automatic name servers on your domain to the ones given to you by hostgator.

Once this is done, the next is to install your wordpress blog.

Step Four: Installing WordPress Blog Using “Fantastico”

Fastastico allow you to save a lot of time and get your blog ready in few minutes. Remember what I told you; not all hosting has cpanel where you can assess fantastico. If you choose a different hosting from the one I recommend, you may not be able to move more than this stage with this guide. So you are now on your own o 

If you use hostgator, you will be given a link to your cpanel or you can use once your hosting is fully activated.

Then, a login page will come up where you’ll use your credentials to login to your wordpress dashboard to modify your new blog (website).

(Screen shots coming soon please)

Log in with the admin details given to you.

Scroll towards the bottom and look for the fantastico icon.

Click for it to open a new page.

Now on the left hand side is a link to WordPress under Blogs,

(screenshot coming soon please)

Click the link and click New Installation at the right hand, fill the form and then click Install WordPress and you are done. You already have your blog set up. You can open a new browsing tab and enter your domain to see what your new website looks like.

You will see that your blog is still very rough with wordpress pre-installed theme, you will make it beautiful in the next step.

How to make your new blog look beautiful

In order to make your blog look great, you need quality wordpress theme.

If you are comfortable with free wordpress theme, (which I don’t recommend for serious blogger), you can download some here.

But if you are like me, you would want to use premium wordpress theme that look great with a lot of features that will simplify your work. They are more beautiful, customizable, and easy to use with a lot of extra features.

Get quality premium wordpress theme here

Bonus: Making your first blog post

Open a new tab on your browser, and enter

Log in with the password you created when installing your blog (not your cpanel login details), you will then be taken to your Dashboard where you can do any modification to your blog.

(screen shot coming soon please)

Once you get to your dashboard, click on “post” at the left hand side and click on add new. Then you will be presented with a page like Microsoft word where you can type anything you like under your topic and style it the way you want with the buttons at the top.

Once you are set, Select or create new category at the right hand side and click on publish post. That’s it. You can check your blog to see what it look like.

I wish you all the best.

If you have any issue installing wordpress blog, feel free to contact me with any question or simply try our wordpress installation service.

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