How To Raise Money To Fuel A Succesful PPC Campaign

Sometimes you just run out of funds to continue paying for successful campaign. It doesn’t matter what platform your on; Facebook, Google, Bing. When you can’t pay they stop sending you traffic, and with no traffic your successful campaign quickly turns into a losing one. If you need to raise some money fast but don’t have a credit card or a line of credit you can start with one of these methods.

I have always love content writing. Anyone that owns a website will have to continue updating it. So why not be the one to provide the content for them? This isn’t the fastest method to raise capital for a campaign but it sure does pay off, and quickly if your a good writer. The best places to sell content are on Digitalpoint, Namepros, and DNForum. You can also try a few freelance sites where you will find plenty of clients looking for writers for various subjects and topics. The pay is usually much better on these freelance website then a forum. The choice is totally up to you.

Copywriting If you aren’t a good writer then maybe copy writing is your thing? There aren’t a whole lot of public jobs available on freelance or forums for this but you could write copy for ads. You would just have to find other marketers like yourself that are looking for this particular service. Once again, I can’t vouch for this method but I do know a few people that have proved it to be a reliable source of income.

Fiverr Fiverr is a website where people will pay you 5$ to do just about anything. Take a look at some of the more successful Fiverr gigs and copy them. This is extremely easy to do and can be immensly profitable once you get it going. Fiverr also pays out via paypal making it extremely easy for you to withdraw your money and use it to fuel that winning campaign of yours. The nice thing about the internet is the ability to easily replicate anything. If you find success on Fiverr you can replicate it on Fiverr like sites. Giving you the ability to scale and earn more.

Another great way to raise some money is to offer your services to smaller businesses. You have a winning campaign! Why not use that as a promotional tool to find clients that will pay you to get them leads? You won’ t have to learn any new skills and you can do what you really want to do. Start making some winning campaigns and getting paid to do so!

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