Downloading And Playing Psp Games

Have you purchased original PSP games and wish to enjoy the same without spending any more money in buying the latest versions of PSP? You may be in a conflict what to do now when you have already played the already purchased versions of PSP. Like all other players who enjoy a variety of games on their gadgets such as varied Roulette games, you may also wish to enjoy the most modern versions of PSP games. And the best answer for this problem is to download it from the internet and start playing with your gadget. Now you may ask how to download and play PSP games. Below-mentioned points may prove useful for you.

Checking for free download PSP games- First of all look at various websites of PSP and check which one of them offers free downloading of the games. It will help you in saving money which is otherwise spent in buying new versions each time.

Downloading the games- Once you have found freely downloadable PSP games, select the latest version out of them and click on the download button and download the same on your PSP. While downloading the games on PSP, you must be aware of the version of firmware you are having as certain PSP games may not be compatible with some specific version of PSP. Alternatively, you can also download the latest version of firmware from the official website of PSP. Also ensure that the fresh games downloaded by you have an extension of PSP as Sony PSP unit supports only PSP files. So you must always ensure that you have the upgraded edition of firmware as well as that of PSP games.

Connecting the PSP to the computer- As soon as PSP games download is complete on your PSP unit, connect it to computer system via USB cable supplied with the PSP console. You can convert your PSP console into the PSP mode by pressing of the ‘Home’ button. Next, you must scroll cursor to the left where there is an option for ‘Setting’ column and then scroll down till you reach ‘USB Connection’ option. You can then enter PSP into USB mode by pressing ‘X’ button.

Downloading the PSP games to the console- To accomplish this task, you can copy and download the games into already existing folders or you can create the same manually on your PSP memory stick. First create the PSP folder followed by Games folder. Then start the downloading and transferring process. Once it is finished, disconnect your PSP from your computer.

Selecting and Playing the downloaded games- The PSP console has a main menu where you need to reach the ‘Games’ column and keep on scrolling till you reach the memory stick. You can select your preferred game from the list of downloaded games which is displayed by pressing ‘X’ twice, first for the list to be displayed and secondly for the game to be selected. This way you can play your favourite PSP game on your console.

So we have seen that it is quite simple to download and play PSP games.

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