An overview of American Idol app and its services


American Idol is made by North America Entertainment Manager manufacturers include Fremantle Media North America’s Jennifer Mullin and Trish Kinane, Fremantle Media CORE Media together with executive manufacturer Phil McIntyre working with CORE Media.

Working with Fremantle and Fox on” American Idol” we have supplied various interactive market developments because the collection released in 2002. Voting has constantly been a foundation of the collection’ interactivity with followers, so we intended to remain to advance that relationship and attribute followers’ passion for participants in vibrant methods.


Idol Follower Save

As we continuously develop the method followers vote and connect with the program, we released an all-new project, the Idol Follower Save in Period 14. The Follower Save placed the power in the hands of the customers who secured the destiny of the base 2 participants with their tweets. By electing on Twitter, The U.S.A. had five mins to save one participant. All tweets were confirmed and caught in real-time with our Link Live system. Utilizing modern technology by doing this gave followers a lot more power in crowning the following american idol app and drove interaction around the program.

American Idol Season 13 exceeded with over 71 million votes picked in the sneak preview program! As the voting proceeded, Facebook was the preferred technique for voting utilizing the SuperVote auto mechanic, sustained partially by the chance of seeing their image on-air sustaining their preferred Idol. Throughout period 14, we struck the milestone of our 7 billionths chooses American Idol throughout the collection, many thanks partially to the Idol Fan Save service.

Official site of American Idol app

The official “american idol app” currently survived on Android and iOS gadgets for followers to see highlights, play with and quickly vote for their preferred participant as they proceed their trip to get the following superstar. Utilizing the application, followers have the ability to:

Play together with the online show in life throughout the program. As Idol hopeful’s tryout, followers could think if courts Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan and Katy Perry may deliver them to the following round.

  • IDOLize their selfie with customized “American Idol” stickers and filters.
  • Communicate with the program by playing facts and responding to inquiries regarding the program.
  • Stay up to date with the “American Idol” neighborhood and see what’s fad on social media sites from contestants, judges and
  • Later this time, followers could utilize the application to vote for their preferred “American Idol” participant to progress. They may have the ability to vote at vote or through the message.

Significant attributes of the Application:

  • Customers could access the very best IDOL minutes and sight reveals specifically
  • Sight the accounts and meetings of host, judges and contestants participating in the competitors
  • Share material conveniently on various social networks
  • Sight the footage’s about contestants and behind the curtain videos
  • Helps online broadcasting of the IDOL live program

The Application’s most outstanding and distinct function is offering individuals with a new voting experience via the AT&T American Idol system to cast votes for their preferred participants by simply two faucets or selects.

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